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The Busy Woman’s Guide to Happiness


After being subject to over 20 years of verbal, physical and emotional abuse, Naomi Elizabeth finally broke free and began the journey to rediscovering not only who she was, but how to finally be happy and confident. In this short but sweet book, she shares with you the 8 simple steps you can start to take today to find your confidence, happiness and self-worth!

What You’ll Learn:

* Discover how the journey to happiness is actually easier than you think, you just need to know where to start
* Find out why mindset is so important and how easy it can be to change your life when you have a healthy, positive mindset
* Learn how to manage your stress levels and boost your self-worth
* Uncover the secret to a healthy body you love
* Discover how to unleash your inner badass and become the woman you were born to be and so much more!

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Coming Soon



Second Chances


Coming soon is the debut fiction novel, Second Chances!

Leah didn’t lead a great life. She was selfish, a bit full of herself and only nice when it suited her, but when she finds herself dead and facing an eternity of mediocre happiness, she pleads for another chance. Second Chances, answers the age-old question of what would you do if you had another chance, and would it even make a difference?

A fictional story weaved with inspirational messages on finding your purpose, second chances and choosing happiness. This dark comedy will delight and inspire you to be a badass with a good ass instead of just being an ass.






Breaking The Cycle


Coming soon is the true story of my journey through domestic violence.

After enduring over 20 years of emotional, psychological and psychical abuse, first from my stepmother then my ex-husband, I was left shattered with no confidence and zero respect for myself. It took years of trial and error to regain my strength and shake the victim mentality I’d developed, but I managed to do it, coming out stronger and more badass than ever before and you can too.

This book is part my journey, part transformation guide as I share with you how I finally broke the cycle of abuse and rediscovered me so that you too can finally let go of your past and set yourself free.

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