How often do you use the word busy? 


If your like most women, the answer is most days. Busy has become our war cry and quite honestly I can see why. Lets be honest, our lives are often non stop, packed full of stressors, to do lists and asking whats next.

We have family, careers, businesses, friends, commutes, healthy eating, exercise and social media to name just a few of the areas fighting for our attention. Its little wonder we have no time for ourselves.

This business in our lives isn’t likely to change, however thats ok. Because Im here to say its ok to be busy, as long as you turn that busy into balanced.

This means making busy work for you.

In this weeks video we look at the 3 things you can start doing today to turn busy into balanced.



Check out the apple or android shop on your phone or tablet & you’ll find loads of meditation apps ranging from free to $20 + to buy. You can even get ones to use online. I use the one giant mind app thats free on iPhone, however headspace is also great but has a monthly subscription. The key is to try a few and see which one works for you.

2. Self Care

Self care is all about doing things you love. Next week I’ll show you how to identify your own self care routine, that doesn’t have to include exercise, kale or even meditation…unless you want it too!

3. Planners

Since discovering planners my life has been improved! Gone are the 50,000 to do lists and now I have easy to use planners that help me organise my month, week and day. I believe in planners so much that I’ve made my own. You can get new ones each month by signing up below.

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There you have it, 3 simple yet profound things to get your busy under control and bring a little balance back into your life. How do you help turn busy into balanced, I’d love to hear form you in comments below & don’t forget to share this post and help reach as many women as possible.


Love & Gratitude,



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