Hey badass,


Have you ever wondered why sometimes you just feel like crap? You can’t seem to seem to shake that horrible feeling that you’re useless, unlovable or even worse, a waste of space?


Well badass, that’s your shitty negative core beliefs that are driving your self-hate train!


Core beliefs are something we all have. There the deep-rooted beliefs that drive everything we do, from how we think and feel about things, to how we behave. Core beliefs can be positive, or as many of us awesome women have experienced, negative and downright nasty.


Unsurprisingly, there’s one common core belief that nearly every single woman I’ve ever known and worked with suffers from, including me, and that core belief is:


Your not good enough


You might also know it as ‘you aren’t worthy’ or ‘loveable’. Truth be told, it doesn’t really matter what words you use, the point is, it’s that shitty core belief that makes you feel crap about yourself.


Core beliefs can be stubborn bitches to change. This is because they were often formed when you were still a child and learning all about the world.


However, don’t lose hope. Today I’m going to share with you the easy way you can start to change that ‘I’m not good enough’ belief into one that’s much more positive and useful. Because let’s be honest, there ain’t no woman on earth who deserves to be stuck in that crappy self-hate mode.



Below is the exact 3 Step process that I used to change my own core beliefs. I guarantee that if you practice these simple steps every single day, not only will it help put an end to any shitty self-hate talk, it will also boost your confidence, self-belief and create lots of lovely feel-good vibes! #winning!


1. Reframe


The first step is to reframe that negative core belief into a positive one. Ask yourself how you want to feel instead, then create a positive belief statement based on this feeling.


So for example, you might want to feel confident and unstoppable like the true badass you are, so your reframed positive belief statement might be ‘I am a strong, confident badass’ (because let me tell you, you most definitely are!).


2. Repeat


Repetition is one of the most effective learning tools you have. Take for instance when you were at school learning your alphabet, you mastered that shit by repeating it over and over again. It’s the same with changing core beliefs!


Once you have created your reframing statement I want you to repeat it 10 times and do this 3 times a day. So all in, you’ll say your reframing statement 30 times a day. Now I know that sounds a tad excessive, but I guarantee if you do this for just one week, you’ll feel a huge difference.


Bonus tip: Create a new password

I know this sounds silly, but if you set your positive belief statement as one of the password’s you use frequently, this will also help begin to subconsciously train your brain to believe it! I use this tip all the time and trust me, it works like a charm!


3. Feel it


Step 3 is the most important part of this process. When you’re repeating how you want to feel, you need to really believe it. If you don’t, the whole process is as much use as a chocolate watch on a hot day.


I want you to really feel the emotions you would feel if you believed your positive belief statement. For example, say you want to feel confident, how would being kick-ass confident make you feel? Would it be strong and happy or perhaps fierce and unstoppable? I want you to feel that way when you say your statement as this really helps your mind to connect the statement with the truth… which is that you’re a fucking awesome confident badass!

Bonus tip: Body language

When you’re saying your repletion, make sure your body language also reflects who you want to be. No slouching allowed! Smile, sit or stand tall and be proud of the confident badass you really are.


There you have it the 3 step process you can do every day to change that nasty ‘I’m not good enough’ belief into something awesome, something that actually stops you feeling miserable and stuck so that you can finally put a stop to the shitty self-talk and get on with being the badass you were born to be!


Remember, its normal to self-doubt, to feel like you aren’t good enough. We all do, but you can change that shit, just trust the process, follow the steps and get ready to kick life’s ass! Let me know what your shitty core belief is, so I can cheer you on to change it!


Until next time, never stop being beautiful, badass you


Naomi xx

PS: Next week I’ll be sharing how I personally deal with the stress of Christmas whilst still managing to stay fucking awesome, trust me, its a game changer and you’re gonna love it!

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