Throughout my life I have experienced situations that have traumatised and devastated me, yet each time I fell, I got back up and kept going which made me stronger and filled me with the belief that I could help others too.

My past has made me the person I am today which provides me with the opportunity and the honour of being able to give back to those who support others when they are alone, afraid and lost, like I once was.

Below are the two organisations I choose to support this year. I make this pledge to give a donation from each package I sell to these charities and support them wherever possible out of respect for the amazing work they continue to do each and every day.

giving backThe Alannah and Madeline Foundation are a charity that protects children from the affects of domestic violence.

The worst day of my life was April the 11th 2011, I found myself in a woman’s refugee with my children, we were scared and alone yet my children received a comforting gift that helped them through it.

They received an Alannah and Madeline buddy bag. A bag with underwear, pyjamas, other bits and pieces and a beautiful teddy, something my kids still have 5 years later. These bags were a beacon of light in a time where I could only see darkness. I will forever owe my gratitude and uttermost respect for what the charity did for my children that day, which is why I choose to give back to them.

Beyond Blue

giving back

Beyond Blue is an amazing organisation that help raise awareness of depression and anxiety. They provide education and support to people who experience anxiety and depression and their family and friends. There website is full of tools and resources to help fight the stigma of mental illness. There a truly amazing charity.

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