Hey Badass,


This week I wanted to have a little heart to heart with you all about being a badass.


As you know, I’m on a mission to provide no-nonsense self-help to strong, badass women but one question I keep getting asked is what exactly is a badass and how do you become one?


Well to me, a badass woman is a woman who knows there’s more to life. She’s courageous, brave and authentic. She stands up for what she believes in and never gives up. She isn’t defined by being ‘appropriate or normal’ in fact, she isn’t defined by anything other than who she knows she is in her heart of hearts.


She isn’t afraid to chase after her happiness, to take risks and put herself out there. She knows that personal growth is something that she will do until the day she dies. She is bold, she lights up the room and is kind, caring, classy and sassy.

She is you!


She is the part of you that’s been pushed down. That you tell to be quiet when she tells you to stand up for yourself, that fights for your self-respect, when others treat you like crap.


You are a strong, confident badass, you just need to trust in yourself and choose to let her out.


That’s why I wanted to share with you the 7 steps you can take to embrace your inner badass. Because the time has come to stop standing in the shadows waiting for others to make you happy, its time you owned who you are and became the badass you were born to be!

1. Accept Who You Are


The first step in embracing your inner badass is accepting that who you are. Being a badass doesn’t mean you go out swearing, drinking and acting like a bitch. I mean you can if you like, just do it nicely, with self-respect and class. It means you commit to being true to you. To be bold, authentic and uniquely you without fear of judgment. Because the real you is fucking awesome!

2. Quit the Self Hate


Badasses don’t talk allow others to disrespect them and treat them like crap, that includes yourself. If you need some guidance on getting off the negative nancy self-hate train once and for all, check out this post here.

3. Know When to Walk Away


If someone is treating you badly, walk away. If they tell you they love you but their actions say otherwise, walk away, If they’re sleeping with someone else walk away. If they’re a friend who always lets you down, walk away. I promise it will get better and you will get stronger. As I said in the point above, badass women don’t let others treat them like crap, end of story.

4. Live a Life You Love


It doesn’t matter if you’re single, married, in a complicated five-way on tinder or have a strange addiction to cat memes that take’s up all your free time, choose to live a life you love. Push yourself to be happy, even when faced with internal resistance, keep trying new things and searching for things that bring you joy. You don’t need someone else to tell you how to be happy, just do your own thing!

5. Let Go


We’ve all had moments were we wished that something had worked out differently. But truth be told, everything that has happened to you, every painful moment, every failure and let down has made you the amazing woman you are today. So be thankful for the pain, because it didn’t kill you, it made you stronger and helped you to learn and grow. Letting go of the bullshit from your past isn’t easy, but I promise you, it’s 100% worth it. You can find out my 4 step process for letting go of your past here.

6. Never Apologise


A true badass embrace’s who she is. She doesn’t try to be someone else to please others, she doesn’t act like someone else because that’s what’s expected of her. She is authentically herself every single day. To be the real you, you need to accept yourself exactly as you are, flaws, strengths, quirks and all and never, ever apologise for being you. Be proud to be beautiful, unique you!

7. Accept That Life is a Journey


A badass knows that shit happens. That life sometimes gets hard and that it doesn’t always go to plan. But like a true confident kickass woman, she keeps going. She learns when things go wrong, she picks herself up, dusts off her shoe of choice and keeps moving forward. Why, because she knows that life is worth living, even in times of hardship and pain. Because those moments of joy make all the crap so much more worthwhile.


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Oh, and as for the good ass part of the title, 100 squat’s day for 30 days, trust me 🙂


Until next time, never stop being you,


Naomi xx


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