Hey Lovely Lady,


I love confidence boosters, things that make you feel good and able to take on the world. But sometimes its hard to find something to really make you feel unstoppable. Something that stops the negativity setting in and self-doubt taking hold.


That’s why I wanted to share with you three awesome instant feel-good confidence boosters that you can use daily to get a boost of confidence and build your self-worth.


The first is something I signed up for last year, notes from the universe. Every weekday you receive a note from the universe with a little empowering message, it’s a great little boost and courtesy of the wonderful Mike Dooley. It’s free and I highly recommend it. You can sign up here.


The second way is by expressing gratitude. Yes, I talk about gratitude a lot (like here and here!) as a great tool to use every day as it helps boost your positive happy feelings. But let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard to think of things to be grateful, especially when you’re feeling crappy and your moods flat as a pancake.


Which brings me nicely to instant boost number three. For valentines day this year, I made Brad a jar of daily notes. It’s packed full of quotes about love, reasons I love him and some just because reminders. The idea is for Brad to pick out a note each morning when he wakes and know that he is loved and appreciated.


This got me thinking that it would be awesome if we all had a jar of confidence boosters. A little daily reminder to help encourage those positive feelings and promote positive mental health.


A quick google found that Tim Ferris had already stolen my idea (damn you Tim Ferris, you handsome genius!!) with his idea for a jar of awesome. So rather than reinvent the wheel, I thought I would share this concept with you, so that you can create your own jar of awesome. (Because let’s be honest, you’re awesome and so deserve a jar!)

How to create your Jar of Awesome


  1. Get a jar. This can be one you have lying around the house or go buy one from your local bargain shop for a few dollars.
    Decorate or label your jar. Be creative as you like, the goal is to make the jar uniquely yours.
  2. Get some paper and a pen, place it next to your jar so you’re not rushing to find it each day.
  3. Every day write at least one awesome thing about that day or you in general and place it in your jar.
  4. At the end of the week/month/year (up to you with the timeline) open your jar and review your awesomeness.


The great thing about having your own jar of awesome is that you can also use it when you’re having a crappy day. It’s always great to remind yourself of your unique badassness, something that can so damn hard when you’re feeling crap and self-hating like a mofo. This ridiculously easy way to boost your mood is quick and simple, so why not give it a try, and make your own jar of awesome.

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As a little bonus, here are 10 ready made awesome-ness reminders for you to add to your jar of awesome. Just in case you need a gentle little reminder when your days not going so great!

  • I rocked my outfit today
  • I’m always considerate of others
  • I love myself!
  • I have amazing friends and family
  • The world is my oyster
  • I can achieve all my hopes and dreams
  • I have a heart of gold
  • I have strong legs that allow me to walk
  • Today I learned how strong I really am
  • I took action towards improving my health today


Let me know how you go with your jar, even better, post a picture on instagram or my Facebook page and tag me in it (@iamnaomielizabeth) so I can see what amazingness you’ve created! Until next time,


Never stop being you,

Naomi xx


PS: If you don’t have a jar, just use a glass, plastic container, old tissue box, anything will do.  Just make sure you make your own jar of awesome and never forget how amazing you truly are xx

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