A love letter to you xx


Today a little love letter arrived in my mailbox. It was addressed to you & the return senders name was unknown. The envelope was so wet from the rain, that I knew its contents would soon become unreadable. I carefully opened the fragile envelope, its paper seemed to melt between my finger tips as I carefully removed the love letter from within. I gently laid the damp paper out flat to dry & although some of the ink was beginning to blur, I could make out enough to share with you the words that were written so carefully. The words you need to hear…


Dear Me,


Do you remember when you were just a little girl? The world seemed so big, so full of love & excitement. Nothing seemed to scare you, each day would bring more wonder & question’s to your beautiful little mind.


Your world was filled with possibilities, excitement & dreams so big, they stretched all the way to the sky. Dreams so big, yet still, you each & every one of them.


You wanted to be a singer, you did it. An actress, you did it. A teacher, you did it. A nurse, you did it. A vet, you did it. A fashion designer, you did it.


It didn’t matter what dream your mind conjured up, there were no barriers to climb, no obstacle too big. You achieved each & every one of your desire’s, you were unstoppable.


But now, it breaks my heart to see you this way.


Stuck, filled with doubt & self loathing. You’ve let the power of your imagination become weighed down by the burden of responsibility & expectations. You’ve become lost in a world so noisy & busy, that the world you once knew, the one filled with excitement, opportunities & wonder, no longer exists.


I can’t pin point exactly when it happened, I guess its been slowly creeping in over the years.


Every time you felt like a failure, as if you would never be good enough & were all alone. Each time you were hurt, let down or your heart-broken, was yet anther reason to place a brick on the wall you’ve built up around you. The wall that’s now stopping you from ever being truly happy.



I want you to know that I feel every inch of your pain. Every tear you cry, every time you feel overwhelmed & alone, every moment of self doubt, hit’s me like a fresh wave of fear.


I feel it every time you put yourself out there & give it your all, just to feel let down. Every time you shared your heart, your vulnerability & opened yourself up to possibilities, just to be broken by the acts of others.


Your hurt, anger & the self doubt you hold on to, I feel it all.



I know that you’ve been hurt, that every time another blow was dealt, you had to force yourself to get back up and keep moving forward. That each time you allowed yourself to feel the pain, it would suffocate you, so much so that you would feel as if you were drowning.


You would push it away, desperate to breath, to not feel that way ever again. After all, it was always easier not to feel then to allow your vulnerability to be exposed.


I felt every painful moment with you & I know that each blow has remained stuck in your mind. Just another example to show the world that you weren’t good enough, another reason to doubt & hate yourself.


Do you know what this is doing to me, what it’s doing to you?



We are the same person. We share the same heart, the same brain, the same blood flows through our veins for I am you & you are me. Which means I know how you feel. I know the hurt, the anger, the suffering & the doubt. For I am you.


It’s why I wrote you this love letter. I need you to know that your mind has been lying to you, its been telling you that you aren’t strong enough, you aren’t good enough, because it’s scared. Your mind wants to keep you from moving forward. It thinks it’s doing the right thing. It’s trying to protect you by keeping you stuck in a cycle of fear & self doubt.


I want you to know that this fear isn’t serving you, it isn’t supporting you, it isn’t keeping you safe, it’s only keeping you stuck. It’s keeping you from being you, from being brave & being loved. It’s keeping you trapped in a place of fear, not love.


It’s your time to make a choice. I need you to choose.


What will it be? Love or fear, love or anger, love or guilt, love or hate. I’ve already chosen, I have chosen love. I hold the love, the imagination, creativity & hope that you were born with. I keep it safe in the hope that one day you will come back for it. That you will choose it over those other emotions that pull you down.


I know your biggest fears, regrets & doubts. I know it all, which is why I want, no I need, to let you in on a secret. A secret I’ve been holding on to since you were just a little baby. So innocent, full of love, trust & wonder.


You need to know that you are enough.


  • That even when they tell you you’re worthless, you are enough.
  • When they say you’ll never succeed, you are enough.
  • When they laugh & judge what you do, you are enough.
  • When life feels too hard & you don’t know where to turn, you are enough.
  • When your scared & want to turn & run, you are good enough.
  • When the pain & hurt from your past seems to much to bare, you are enough.
  • When every one says you will fail, you are enough.


I’ve been with you this whole time. As you’ve grown, I’ve experienced it all with you. Every moment of joy, pain, laughter, sadness & love, & through it all, you’ve always been enough.


I want you to know that I am here always, I will always have your back & I will always be here to remind you, that you are enough. That you are safe & that you are loved.


I love you, I trust you, I respect you, so please do me the same courtesy back, because I am you & you are me. I deserve your love, compassion, understanding, trust & respect, because you deserve your love, compassion, understanding, trust & respect.


I hope this love letter reaches you in time, in time for you to remember that little girl from so long ago. The one who laughed, loved, played & cared & who knew she was always enough.


Its time to be that little girl again. To know that you always have been & always will be, enough. I love you with all my heart.



Your inner superwoman aka you xx


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