Your easy to follow 4 step Busy Woman’s manifesting ritual 


Manifesting is such a magical gift. A gift that we all have access to, yet so many women don’t harness this amazing power.

I believe this is because we live in a society where spirituality, the law of attraction and manifesting are still very much a newly talked about concept.

Lets be honest you don’t really see any law of attraction or manifesting stories in the newspaper’s or on TV headlining the national news now do you?

Our society, as clued up and modern as we proclaim to be, is still waaaaayyy behind on the whole harnessing the power of the universe thing. Maybe it’s because its to simple of a concept, or perhaps it’s because it’s a little to ‘woo woo’ to seem real.

 Whatever the reason may be, I want to show you how easy it really is, to start manifesting a life you truly love!



The 4 step Busy Woman’s manifesting ritual I’m about to share with you is not only easy to do, it only takes only 10-15 minutes each day to complete. Thats only 1% of your day, perfect for any busy woman!

Can you honestly say you can’t commit just 1% of your day to creating a life you love?

To really help you out, I’ve even created a FREE workbook you can use to work through the process. You can download it here.



Step One


Step one is to become aligned with what you truly want. This step is crucial because, in all honesty, it’s bloody hard to manifest and create a life you love if you’re not 100% clear on what it is you really want!


It’s easy to become confused, to focus on the wrong things. I know, because I was guilty of doing that for years. I use to think my path was nursing and helping people that way. I focused on climbing the career ladder, winning awards and pushing myself harder each and every month. I thought the higher up the management ladder I was, the more good I could do, the more I could help people.


Turns out I was riding my delusional unicorn!


Yes, I did a lot of good on my way up the ladder, but truth be told, I hated it. I hated the political bullshit, the nonsense and the people who really didn’t give a shit about the patients. For them, it was all about money and making a name for themselves. That just wasn’t me.


Now I’m much more aligned with who I am and what I want. Yes, I’m still a nurse, but working frontline with the patients again, no management BS for me. And now I also have this, the busy woman’s guide, my own little way of following my path. I recently wrote a post on becoming aligned with who you are and what you really want a few weeks back. You can check it out here for more inspiration and a step by step process you can use to become more aligned with you!



Step Two


Step two is all about harnessing the power of visualisation. I love to visualise, funny thing was I didn’t even realise I was doing it! I thought I was just day dreaming. It turns out all those day dreams were actually me setting my intention to the universe, I was telling it what I wanted.


The power of visualisation can be achieved in just 68 seconds. Yep, just 68 seconds of visualising will increase your dominant thought pattern, increase your energetic vibration and help you attract what you want. This is because what you think and focus on, really is what you attract. Ideally aim to visualise for at least 5 minutes a day to really intensify your manifesting ritual.



Step Three


Step three is to accept were you are. I know for many that can be difficult, especially if you’re not living the life you thought you would be. However accepting where you are, and being grateful for what you currently have, can have amazing effects on your happiness and manifesting ability.


Being grateful is one of the most powerful ways to remain in the present, increase your happy hormones and find acceptance in your current situation. By practicing gratitude, you will increase your energetic vibration, because remember, what you think and put out into the world, is what you attract back.


To exercise that gratitude muscle, you must do it daily. So practice being grateful for what you have each day. It’s time to stop focusing on what you don’t yet have and be grateful for what you do have!



Step Four 


Step four is all about trust, It’s about trusting in the universe and knowing that what you desire is coming your way, you just have to trust in the universe.


For this step you need to not focus on the how’s, instead focus on the outcome and how it will make you feel once you’ve achieved it. The amazing Mike Dooley has an awesome way of explaining this. He calls the process the ‘cursed hows’. These cursed hows are the things we focus on, the how’s we will take to manifest and create a life we love, what steps we will take and what we need to happen.


The cursed how’s is when you try to create a detailed set of actions for how you will get what you want, which actually ends up stifling your connection to the universe and blocking your manifesting ability.


The beauty of manifesting is that it will take you on the path you need to travel to get what you desire. Click To Tweet

In the workbook I’ve created to accompany this post, I’ve included a powerful affirmation you can use to stop the cursed hows which will allow you to focus on the enjoyment of the journey. You can download it for FREE here.


There you have it, my easy 4 step manifesting ritual to manifest whatever you want. Don’t forget to download your FREE workbook here, which shows you in detail how to follow each step.

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Love & Gratitude,


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PS: Don’t forget to download your FREE workbook here and start manifesting a life you truly love today!


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