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Hey Lovely Lady,


I watched a video today, you’ve probably seen it on your social media feed, it’s the video of a guy teaching himself to back flip in just 1 afternoon. If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend you do, its pretty inspiring. You can check it out here.


The thing I loved about this video is that despite a back flip being a physical task, one that require’s a strong, healthy body. The one thing that was stopping him from achieving his goal, was his mindset.


Our mindset is made up of all our memories, thoughts & beliefs. It’s everything we’ve ever learned, seen & been told & shapes how we perceive things. There are two types of mindset a fixed mindset & a growth mindset.


A fixed mindset is one that keeps you stuck, that stops you from learning & developing. Its the mindset that keeps you from thinking big & to be honest, can make you miserable. A growth mindset is one that supports you to grow & succeed. It’s the mindset that seek’s out ways to learn & challenges you to be the amazing woman you were born to be!


In to many women, the elements of a fixed mindset exist. Its this mindset that keeps you stuck, thanks to those shitty negative thoughts, anxiety & the overwhelm it often fills you with.


That’s why this week I wanted to share with you three ways you can start to master your mindset by shifting towards a growth mindset.


1.Awareness of Thoughts

Developing a growth mindset starts with awareness. You need to become aware of your thoughts. This is often harder than you think!


Each of us experience over 60,000 thoughts a day, being aware of every single one of them would be impossible.


Awareness is more about starting with the basics. Try to notice the times you feel resentful, angry or flat. The moments you find yourself judging, gossiping or questioning your own abilities.


When you realise your having a negative thought, take a minute to decide if this thought is helping you grow or keeping you stuck.


If it’s not helping you grow & be the woman you were born to be, then let it go.

2.Use Positive Language

Our subconscious mind is where 95% of our thoughts originate from. It’s influenced by what we do & the language we use.


How often do you find yourself saying I can’t, I’m not, I should or I’ll try. These words, although not obviously negative, can make you feel disempowered.


Try replacing with words like I don’t, I am & I can. I guarantee you’ll feel more positive & empowered.

3.Recognise The Small Wins

It’s so easy to get caught up in day to day life or focusing so hard on our big goal that we forget to appreciate the small wins.


Everyday we have small wins. Maybe it’s remembering to put the dinner out to defrost (something I frequently forget to do!), creating an awesome tasting smoothie, exercising or resisting that 3pm chocolate bar.


Small wins are the things we do every day that make our life easier & better, yet we often take for granted.Click To Tweet


So I challenge you to recognise the small wins. Each night, take a moment to reflect on what went well that day & give yourself a mental high-five for being a winner!


Try to implement these 3 simple things each day & I guarantee you’ll begin to feel that shift towards a growth mindset.


If you’re ready to master your mindset & really step into your power, then I’d be honoured to guide you step by step on your journey. You can find out more here. Its time for you to step into your power & be the woman you were born to be!


Until next week, never stop being you,


Naomi xx


PS: I’d be super grateful if you could share this post with other amazing women like you. Together, let’s aim to inspire as many women as possible to develop a growth mindset & be their truly awesome selfs!


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