Word! (cue sideways peace symbol & head nod)


Hey Lovely Lady,


Have you ever had one of those days where you just feel like crap, your moods low & you just can’t seem to shake that heavy, bad mood feeling that’s hanging over you?


I know I have.


Sometimes I have days where I just feel flat and can’t shake that heavy feeling. The worse thing about being stuck in a bad mood, is that is inevitable that my mood will end up impacting those around me. 🙁


It’s not all doom and gloom though. I have a super simple way to instantly boost your mood and all it takes is one little word.


So what is the one word that can boost your mood instantly and cause you to get your happy on?




Yep the one word that will make you get you happy on isn’t chocolate, love, sex or money (although yes please!) its smile.


You see when you hear the word ‘smile’, it automatically triggers your brain to carry out the action. This is because your brain connects the word ‘smile’ with something you should do, thanks to years of being told to ‘smile’!


Let’s be honest when someone says smile, you do it… even when you don’t want too!


When you smile, your brain start’s to produce serotonin which is one of your happy hormones. This serotonin then floods your body, providing you with an awesome instant happiness boost. Who knew one word could be so powerful!


This is a super simple yet highly effective way you can change that frown upside down. Give it a try, it really is amazing how just one little word can make you feel happy! So next time you’re experiencing a case of the sad’s, remember to smile. I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised with just how effective this one little word is!


What do you do when your feeling sad? Have you got a mood booster that works for you? What’s the one word that makes you feel better, I’d love to know in the comments below!


Never stop being you,


Naomi xx


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