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I’m Naomi Elizabeth, nurse, mum, author, happiness advocate and all-around badass.

I believe personal growth isn’t a one size fits all type of thing. That inspiration and empowerment can be found wherever you choose to look. Which is why I write inspirational fiction and wellness books. Because lasting transformation doesn’t have to come from listening to a guru at a seminar, watching the latest webinar or in some cases, not even from a self-help book, it comes from a desire to change.

My books are designed to ignite that spark of change deep within you. To light the fire that drives you to chase your happiness, dream big and take risks, to unleash your inner badass and become the woman you were born to be!

Whether you choose to indulge in some darkly funny fiction or some kick-ass wellness guides, hell, you might even want a mix of both! I know my books will provide that spark you’ve been waiting for.

It’s your time now, get ready to unleash your inner badass and kick some freaking ass!

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Your bullshit free dose of inspiration, jam-packed with tips, strategies and action steps to guide you on your journey to becoming the badass you were born to be!


Why It’s Ok to Self Doubt

Hey Badass,   This week I wanted to get real with you and talk about something that affects every single woman I know... self-doubt and put forward why I believe its ok to have self-doubt.   You see self-doubt is something we are told we should be able to...

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How To Use The Power Of I Am

  Hey Lovely Lady,   Do you believe that the words you use have power? That the words you use everyday may actually be influencing your long-term mood, mindset & energy?   I know I didn’t, but once I did, I realised one common phrase kept popping up over &...

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3 Steps to Mindset Mastery!

Ready to Master your Mindset?   Hey Lovely Lady,   I watched a video today, you've probably seen it on your social media feed, it's the video of a guy teaching himself to back flip in just 1 afternoon. If you haven't watched it yet, I highly recommend you...

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Transform your Life

Hey There Busy Woman,   Can I ask you a question, what is it that would transform your life? What would finally bring you that happiness and joy you crave so much? Perhaps you’ve been focusing on the one thing that will finally bring you happiness, that one thing that...

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The Busy Woman’s 4 Step Manifesting Ritual

Your easy to follow 4 step Busy Woman's manifesting ritual    Manifesting is such a magical gift. A gift that we all have access to, yet so many women don't harness this amazing power. I believe this is because we live in a society where spirituality, the law of...

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