Hey Lovely Lady,


Do you believe that the words you use have power? That the words you use everyday may actually be influencing your long-term mood, mindset & energy?


I know I didn’t, but once I did, I realised one common phrase kept popping up over & over again, that phrase was I am. Which is why today I wanted to talk to you about the power of I am.


As you know I’ve recently been connecting more with what my passions & dreams for the future are which has led me to step away from a business name & instead use my own name. This meant I had to update my social media names & website address to reflect this. After a lot of reflection & soul searching I decide to use I am Naomi Elizabeth, but why the I am?


Because to me, I am is a powerful phrase.


It’s a term that’s fierce, independent & strong. It reinforces & confirms to you that something is true.


For me I am Naomi Elizabeth feels strong, it fills me with positivity, strength & above all authenticity, because at the end of the day I may be a lot of things to different people, but I will always be me. I will always be Naomi Elizabeth.


So let me ask you a question, when do you use I am?


Perhaps it’s with regards to your body ‘I am so fat, I am ugly’ or your mind ‘I am stupid, I am not good enough’ or maybe your whole being ‘I am a waste of space, I am useless’.


The use of I am strengthens the power of these bullshit negative thoughts, by giving them energy. It forces your energetic vibration to shift towards one that’s on a lower frequency, therefore attracting those negative beliefs right back to you. This in turn causes your mind to believe them as being true.


So what if we changed those phrases & used the power of I am to our own advantage?


♥ How about instead of ‘I am fat or ugly’, you said ‘I am a healthy, I am beautiful’.

♥ Instead of thinking you aren’t good enough, you told yourself ‘I am worthy, I am enough’.

♥ And of course; instead of ‘I am useless or stupid‘, you said ‘I am strong, I am wild, I am me!’


Saying these strong, powerful statements each day can help to reprogram your mind to be more positive, healthy & strong.


Try it today, get a bit of paper, or use the note app on your phone & write out at least 10 I am statements. Now either put the list somewhere you’ll see it everyday, or set a reminder on your phone & make the time to remind yourself just how f*#king god damn amazing you really areI


Because you are!!!!


Next time, when you catch your self being filled with self doubt & shitty negative I am beliefs, say I am strong/proud/enough/wild/fun/in control or whatever it is you need to be at that moment & embrace the power of being you!


Remember, never stop being you,


Naomi xx


Ps: I’m currently doing an I am series in my Facebook group, so if you need a beautiful reminder, make sure & join me over there by clicking here.


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