Mid Year Resolution’s?


Hey Lovely Lady,


How’s those new year resolution’s working out for you? Have you achieved them, forgot about them or perhaps you’re well on the way to achieving that big goal for 2017?

Chances are, if your anything like me, your New Years resolutions won’t have lasted longer than January 31st.

And you’re not alone, a whooping 80% of people fail to keep their resolution’s by February! (Reference)

The problem with making resolutions is they put a ridiculous amount of pressure on us to get something done, with no clear action plan on how we will achieve it & often no clear reward.

Now your probably saying, of course there’s a reward Naomi, I’ll have lost 10lbs or got that new job or flown solo around the world with just a hot water bottle & half-naked picture of Kit Harington to keep me warm at night.Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s not the real reward.

The real reward is how you’ll feel once you achieve your resolution. 

So here we are, we’re just past the mid way point for 2017, which mean’s we still have time to make those resolutions happen!

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(On a side note, holy shit how fast is this year going?!)

Below are my 3 steps you can take to get those New Years resolutions back on track & make 2017 your bitch. Its time to set some mid year resolutions!


1. What Do You REALLY Want To Achieve?


Look I’ve made the whole this year ‘I’ll join a gym, exercise 5x a week & eat clean all the time’ resolution. Which swiftly changed into this year I’ll sit on my couch, binge watch Game of Thrones & eat copious amounts of pho tai.

It’s time to be realistic. Whatever your goal is, ask yourself this ’is it realistic?’

Can you actually achieve it without having to give up your life as you know it, sell a kidney or embrace the H2O diet?

If the answer is no, you need a new resolution. Be kind to yourself and choose something that will not only be achievable, but will also feel good. Which leads nicely to step two..

2. How Does It Make You Feel?


The most important thing about setting resolutions, is how will you feel once you achieve it.

I want you to take 5-10 minutes to actually visualise having achieved your resolution. Picture how it feels, what you see, really experience the moment.

Associating achieving your resolution with a feeling is crucial if you want to achieve your goal. This is because our brain recognises feelings & in response to a positive feeling, release’s not only happy hormones, but also influences the thoughts we have to be more positive & happy, therefore attracting happy, positive loveliness right back at ya! It’s the law of attraction 🙂

Now you have that feeling, I want you to write it down somewhere you’ll see it every day.

This will be your daily reminder of what it is you want to really achieve, that beautiful feeling you can’t wait to experience!

3. Create An Action Plan


One of the biggest reasons resolutions fail is we don’t set a plan. It’s all very well to say I’ll exercise 5 times a week or have a green smoothie for breakfast but if you don’t have a plan in place to achieve it, you’re already on the road to failure.

It’s actually pretty easy to set an action plan. First you have a goal, then you set a timeframe, next you break your goal down into steps to take to achieve it & finally plot that bad boy out on an achievable time line.

I know it sounds a lot of work & a tad boring, but I promise you it’s actually a really simple & fun process. To prove it to you, I’ve created a handy little worksheet to show you just how painless this process really can be. You can download it below 🙂

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I promise if you follow my 3 simple, yet super effective, steps you will stay firmly on track towards achieving your mid year resolutions. Which means, 2017 can still be the year you achieve ….(insert your awesome resolution here!)

Don’t forget to download your handy free worksheet to guide you through the whole process of achieving your mid year resolutions, & together, let’s make 2017 the year we made shit happen!


Never stop being you,


Naomi  xx


PS: Don’t forget, 2017 is what you make of it, which mean’s if it’s all been a little average & shit so far, you still have time to change it. You got this! xx


Are you ready to get your new year resoltuions back on track?

Grab your free worksheet's & start smashing those goals today!

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