Hey there fellow Badass,

I work with an amazing man.


He is someone I consider not only a colleague, but also a friend. He sits behind me at work and we pretty much laugh 90% of the time, even when other people aren’t laughing at something, we will find a way to make it seem stupid and funny.


It’s amazing how working with people who make you laugh and smile can really help you to get through your day with a much more positive mindset. I like to think of it as the laughter effect, after all, it’s hard to be negative and down when you keep finding a reason to smile!


Anyway, recently my friend was advised he has to undergo heart surgery.


Understandably he was shocked, we all were, but the one thing I knew was that his send-off had to be good, it had to be fun. I wanted to send him off to his surgery with more than just a plain old good luck cake, I wanted a cake that would appeal to his humour and make everything a little less stressful because the last thing he needed was his work colleagues being all depressed.


So myself, and another equally inappropriately humoured colleague conspired to surprise our friend with a heart-shaped cake, but not just any heart shape, a real heart human heart shape.


Oh yes, we loved our plan and set about getting quotes for our cake…  but that’s when we hit a wall. You see we were being quoted $150 plus for a cake to be made, which is a bit steep for a cake in my eyes, especially when you don’t have cash handy to pay that.


I felt a bit lost, what could we do, we really wanted to make him smile with an inappropriate cake.


So I did what any confident woman with high self-worth would do, I decided to make it myself. This wouldn’t be so far reached if it wasn’t for the fact that
  1. I’m not the best baker. Cookies, muffins, banana bread I’m great at. Actual cakes, can’t say I’ve ever really baked one.
  2. I have no idea how to make a human heart-shaped cake.


As I write this, I’m reflecting on my decision to make the cake myself,

  • Was it the best idea? Possibly not.
  • Will the cake look like a human heart? Possible not.
  • Will my friend laugh and love the fact that I tried to do it myself? Hell yeah!

Which makes it all worthwhile.

My high dose of self belief in my ability to pull this off, inspired me to share with you 3 ways you too can build your self belief. Because at the end of the day, we all need to be our own personal cheerleader!

1. Fake It Till You Make It


If you act like you have self belief, dress like it and live it, you will become it. It really is that simple.  This is because, over time, our minds become programmed by what we think and how we act. Be confident and believe in yourself and you’ll develop self-belief and unstoppable confidence in no time.


I can’t stress enough how important it is to dress the part too, if you dress in clothes that make you feel great and accessories them to bring out your shine, you will begin to mirror how you feel in your body language. Others will pick up on this and respond positively.


Don’t believe me, next time you’re walking down the street or through the supermarket, look at how people are dressed and how their body language reflects this. When people dress in a way they love and that makes them feel comfortable, they project this to the outside world.


2. Think Positive


Be positive, think positive and do positive things. Again, as with the above point, the more you behave in a positive manner, the more your mind will respond to this and see it as the new normal. Choose to have a can-do attitude and believe in positive outcomes and you will attract them to you.


If you believe it, you can achieve it. (I think someone much wiser than me quoted that one time, but I can’t remember for the life of me who it was!)


3. Crush The Self Doubt


It’s normal for that little voice to creep in when you’re doing something you need self-belief for. It will ask ‘who do you think you are’, tell you ‘you cant do that’, it may even remind you of ‘how useless you actually are’ and laugh at you for even contemplating that you can achieve what you want.


Self-doubt happens to us all, we can’t stop it, but we can choose how we react to it. Next time those self-doubt thoughts start filling your head, use humour to loosen their control over you. Hear the thought in a funny voice, visualise it in a bubble and pop it, or imagine it as a balloon that you let float away. There’s no limit to changing the way you see or hear a thought, so play with your own ideas and don’t let the self-doubt beat you!


Now go forth and build your own self-belief.

Choose to be your own superhero, after all, would wonder woman let fear or self-doubt stop her? Not a chance. It’s time to release your own inner wonder woman and let yourself soar! I believe in you, now go believe in yourself.

As for the cake, it’s not needed until Wednesday, two days after I publish this post. So keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram account or Facebook to see how it all turns out! eek!



Never stop being you,

Naomi xx


PS: How do you boost your self-belief? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below xx

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