What the hell is Self Care?


Recently, I was in a Facebook group with some other amazing female entrepreneurs, when the question of self care came up.

It immediately made me start to think about what self care really is. For many, if you say the word self care, instantly they think of exercise and healthy eating.

It’s easy to see why, our physical health is often seen as being the most important part of self care. After all, if we don’t look after our body, we will inevitably get sick and ain’t nobody got time for that.

You just need to look at the number of gyms, health food stores, magazines and books dedicated to healthy eating and exercise to know that our physical health, and the way we look, is a huge area of concern for women.

But what about the other areas of self care?

To me, self care is not only about your physical health, self care is also about your mental and spiritual health. You see, to be truly happy and healthy, all 3 areas needs to be nourished.

I see so many amazing women, working their asses off to stay fit and healthy or lose weight, but then they neglect the other two areas. That balance just isn’t there. That’s why I wanted to share this post, to remind amazing women just like you, how important it is to look after their mind, body and soul.

Below you’ll find a handy infographic jam packed with ways you can carry out self care to ensure you’re nourishing all aspects of you.

My challenge to you, is to pick at least one thing from each area; mind, body and soul, and commit to doing it everyday.



Please remember, self care needs to be fun!

Self care is unique to each of us. It should be about doing things you love and that light you up. There’s no point in forcing yourself to go to the gym if you hate it, or to meditate for an hour each day, if you’re way too busy. Find things you love and do them everyday, that’s the key to self care and nourishing your amazing mind, body and soul.

Are you ready to discover your unique self care needs?


If so, then I have created the perfect journal especially for you.

The Busy Woman’s Guide to Self Discovery, is a 30 day journal that’s designed to support you on your journey to not only rediscovering you, but also support you in uncovering your unique self care needs.

For 30 days you will follow the daily prompt’s to not only rediscover you, but also to uncover your own unique self care needs. Complete with daily reflection sheets to track your health and weekly reflection questions, in just 30 days, you’ll rediscover how truly amazing you really are and uncover what your mind, body and soul needs to nourish and flourish in todays busy world.

By uncovering your unique self care needs, you can start to bring more balance into your day, reduce overwhelm and improve your emotional wellbeing.

The journal is at a low introductory price of just $19 AUD, so why not give yourself the gift of self discovery & take the first steps towards turning busy into balanced. You can find out more here.

Why not share your own self care tips in the comments below and don’t forget to share this post to encourage other women to start nourishing their mind, body and soul.


Love & Gratitude,

naomi elizabeth confidence builder



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