Hey Lovely Lady,


Have you ever considered embracing a vegetarian or vegan diet? This week I’m talking all things vegetables and what my experience with embracing a plant-based diet was really like.


It all started a few years back when I discovered Kris Carr. For those who may have never heard of Kris, she’s an amazing woman who was diagnosed with an incurable stage 4 cancer over 10 years ago. Following her diagnosis, Kris embarked on what is known as her crazy, sexy, cancer journey and is now a truly inspiring wellness advocate who is firmly on team plant-based diet.


I’ve followed Kris since 2014 and love her sincerity, kindness and genuine cool chick vibe, she also has some amazing smoothie recipes on her site. I had toyed with the idea of following in her footsteps and following a vegetarian diet on and off over the years, however, I have an ongoing love affair with bacon, which always won out on my decision.


Recently though I had a change of heart and decide to try a plant-based diet, so it made perfect sense for me to turn to her books and website when I made the decision to embrace more vegetables.


But why this sudden change?


Let me explain.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll know that back in August, I was driving to work when I saw a beautiful double rainbow. I’m a big fan of rainbows, a tad obsessed some might say, so seeing a double one was pretty f#*king amazing in my eyes.


As I continued to drive down the road I saw the end of the rainbow in the field next to me, It’s the first time I’ve ever seen the end of a rainbow (spoiler alert..there’s no pot of gold!) I took this as a sign that my day was going to be amazing. 

Another kilometre or so down the road, I suddenly started seeing white feathers in the air.


Holy crap, I thought, smiling like an insane person, the universe was totally sending me positive vibes! 

This continued on for about another 500 meters, all the while my smile becoming more manic as I felt my connection to the universe open and pictured the angels smiling down on me… that was until I realised that just a few cars in front of me was a truck. This truck was jam-packed with hundreds of fluffy white chickens and the cause of the sudden downpour of feathers that were descending down on top of my car.


So much for a sign from the universe 


My smile promptly vanished and I began to feel like utter crap. Here I was thinking the day was going to be magical and all along it was actually a result of hundreds of chickens being lured to there death. It only got worse, as I was stuck behind this truck for another 10 or so kilometres forced to watch the innocent, white feathers fly everywhere from the hundreds of chickens that had been forced into such a small confined space. 

I felt so bad for those chickens and as someone who eats chicken 3+ times a week, I started to feel physically sick at the thought of how they were being treated.


This led me to start thinking about the whole eating animals thing.


I’m a self-proclaimed lover of all things meat, but now, after seeing those chickens for so bloody long, the thought of meat and how its processed, made me feel a little sick. 

As my hubby to be, constantly talks about having a more plant-based diet. I decided that maybe it was time to give being a vegetarian a try and cut out the meat for a bit.


This led to hours of google searching different vegetarian diets and it turns out there are a few different types. I actually felt a little overwhelmed by it all! However, I did my homework and decided to try full vegan for a week to really get an experience of how it would be to cut out the animal stuff and let me tell you, it was bloody hard going, but not for the reasons I thought.



I thought I would miss meat, turns out I didn’t all that much


What I did miss was cheese, it suddenly felt like everyone was eating and talking about cheese. It was everywhere. Now I only have chases few times a month but suddenly I could think of nothing else, cheese was constantly on my brain. Cheese on toast, pizza with hot stringy cheese, camembert on rice crackers, chunks of cheddar, I was all about the cheese.


Add to that I was starving


By 8.30pm those first 3 nights I was so hungry, yet the thought of eating more salad just made me feel angry. Now when I told some of my vegetarian friends that I was hungry, they said I shouldn’t be. However, it turns out I wasn’t getting all the good stuff I needed.


You see I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Endometriosis, psoriasis and a gluten and fructose intolerance to top it all off. Happy days.


Due to these ever conflicting pain in the arse issues, the foods I can eat are limited. For example, I can eat cauliflower but only every 48 hours or so and not reheated. 1/2 an avocado a day is my max or I get stomach cramps that last for over 4 hours minimum. Legumes, love them, they hate me. I bloat like a 6-month pregnant woman and have hours of pain to top it off. More than two bits of fruit, the fructose level goes too high and I’m wiped out for days. As for apples, holy shit. Raw, first thing in the morning is ok, but only if I have no other sugar continuing products for the rest of the day.


My life has been a revolving door of food issues for some time now as I attempt to heal my gut and finally be able to eat normally again. Which is something I’ve accepted as I am getting a little better each day, however being vegan and having food intolerances is something I found super hard.

I have the uttermost respect to those who somehow manage it, in my eyes, they must be superhuman.


For me, my diet became a continuous cycle of smoothies, spinach salad or veggie soup and something for dinner that didn’t have legumes or cauliflower in it. For anyone who follows a vegetarian, plant-based or even healthy, whole food inspired diet, legumes and cauliflower are often key ingredients. No wonder I was bloody starving.


Regardless I pushed through for a full week and discovered I felt less bloated, my psoriasis appeared to be making less of an appearance and I didn’t have as much pain in my joints (inflammation is to blame!)


All great benefits in my eyes.


I wanted to keep going, but I also wanted to eat some chocolate and a burger, and those desires won out. However, the universe did send me a little sign, after the burger, felt like shit. I was heavy, tired, bloated and woke with a full-on food hangover headache the next day.


Was it the meat, the gluten-free roll, the diary or the processed aspect of my meal, perhaps it was a combination of it all. I’ll never know, what I do know is that from here on I will embrace a more plant-based diet, there’s no denying the benefits to my health, the environment & of course those lovely farmyard animals.


But full veggie, I just can’t.


At this stage in my life, until my IBS/endometriosis/food intolerance or whatever the hell else it is I have, is more in order and my food choices can be more varied, I’m not prepared to quit the meat.


Never say never though, so maybe one day I will, until then I do commit to having at least 3 days each week of no meat, fish or dairy and I plan to cut the dairy out completely in the next 6 months (I’m taking baby steps with dairy, as those cheese cravings are super strong!)


So should you go vegan or vegetarian?


I say do what works and more importantly, feels best for you. Each of us are individual and as far as I’m concerned, there’s no one size fits all right way to eat. Why not have a look into a plant-based diet, try some recipes and see how you feel. You never know, you might love it.


Whatever you decide, I do recommend more veggies and plant-based only days, the benefits to not only your own health but that of the environment are too huge to ignore. However, at the end of the day if meat, eggs, dairy and fish are what rock your world, then go ahead and rock your little socks off.


After all life to short to be miserable!


The only thing I will say is whatever food lifestyle you decide to subscribe too, try to eat whole foods at least 80% of the time. Do yourself a favour and cut out the processed crap at and I guarantee you’ll feel the benefit. You can find out more about my fad proof whole food eating approach here.


Have you tried the vegetarian/vegan way of life? Do you have some great veggie recipes to share? If so, then why not share in the comments below? I’d love to hear from you. Until next week,


Never stop being you,

Naomi xx


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