What does Christmas mean to you?

An opportunity to overeat and receive presents, a time to spend with love ones or a chance to get some extra days off work and shop up a storm in the Boxing Day sales.

Christmas means something different to each of us. For me, Christmas is the chance to spoil my kids.

The looks of joy and happiness on their faces is priceless. Every year I memorize each detail so I never forget these special times, especially as the years are going by so fast and my boys will soon be fully grown. šŸ™

Despite us all having our own meaning attached to Christmas, there is one common meaning that we should all aim for, yet many of us don’t.

That meaning is happiness.

Below are 4 easy ways you can deal with the inevitable Christmas stress, and ensure that you have a happy Christmas!

1. Be Grateful For The Gifts You Receive 

Have you ever felt disappointed by a gift? You dropped hints, left clues or perhaps said you didn’t mind what you got, yet secretly yearned to be spoiled.

Christmas Day dawned and you opened your presents to receive something lovely, but not what you wanted. Suddenly disappointment, resentment, self-pity and finally guilt flood your mind and your left feeling crappy on Christmas Day.

By choosing to be grateful for whatever you receive, regardless of the cost or quality, you take away the potential for any resentment or guilt about the gifts you didn’t receive.

The fact the someone took time to think of you, to buy you a gift, is something special. By not putting expectations on what others give you, you allow yourself the opportunity to reconnect with what matters, knowing that someone care’s enough about you this Christmas, that they got you a gift.

If you need more reasons to be grateful, check out this post!


2. Get Your Own Gift

How many times have you spoiled yourself at Christmas? Have you ever bought yourself a gift, or taken time out for you? I would guess your answer is never, or at least, not very often.

We can’t expect others to provide our happiness, to fulfil our needs with material belongings.

So why not buy yourself what it is you want? You buy for everyone else, so why not you? You deserve to be spoiled, so this is your permission slip to spoil yourself


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3. Give The Gift Of Self Love

How often do you find yourself running around at Christmas time, trying to see family, friends, cook dinner, wrap presents, clean up etcĀ the list is endless. I don’t know about you, but often my Christmas Day can end up being the busiest day of the year!

This year I want you to take 15 minutes for yourself. 15 minutes to meditate, do some deep breathing or even just take a walk.

This Christmas, just 6 sleeps away, I want you to give the gift of love to yourself. To make some time for you because you deserve it. You deserve a wonderful Christmas.


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4. Appreciate The Little Things

The look of joy on family or friends faces as they open their presents, the table full of food at dinner time. The cheesy cracker jokes or the moment you flop on the couch whilst the kids play and you, for just one peaceful minute, get to just watch them be happy.

As you sit with your family eating dinner, don’t feel anger at someone eating all the mince pies or using up the gravy, feel happiness at being surrounded by those you love. Appreciate the little things and be thankful for having the opportunity to be with those you love, even when their annoying you!

Remember Christmas is what you make of it.


What meaning you give to it, dependsĀ on you and you alone. So choose to view Christmas in a happy way and experience it fully.

There won’t be a post next week, as I’m taking Boxing Day off to spend with my family. But I’ll be back and raring to go at the beginning of 2017 with a post all about starting your new year right!

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a beautiful new year. See you in 2017!

Love & Gratitude,


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