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Do you ever feel like somethings missing from your life?

Like you should be happy and content,

but deep inside you feel stuck & a little lost?


Then its time to release your inner superwoman!


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Can I ask you a personal question? Is your life bringing you the happiness it should be?

If you answered no, I want to reassure you that you’re not alone & it’s ok. I understand.

Hey, my names Naomi and I spent years struggling with trying to feel confident & happy. I found myself dating losers, hating myself & looking at my life wondering WTF am I doing wrong!

I felt like I should have been happy, after all I had two amazing kids, my dream career as a nurse & great friends, yet inside I was miserable.

I felt stuck, like something was missing but I didn’t know what.

I found myself searching for ways to feel better, to feel more confident & happy. Food, exercise, men, sex, alcohol, my career, anything to fill that part of me that felt empty. Yet nothing seemed to fill the void.

That was until I discovered & released my inner superwoman!

I felt like I stumbled on to a secret BFF that would guide & support me. Cheering me on & motivating me to be the best possible me I could be. The me that no longer felt lost, alone & unhappy.

My inner superwoman empowered me to start creating a life I truly loved. She kicked ass & I freaking loved her for it!


She held my hand as I learnt to fill that empty void once & for all.

She guided me to create a life that inspired me, one that lit me up & made me sparkle like an explosion of glitter from a unicorns horn & let me tell you, that shit was magical.

I went from believing I would never truly be happy, to living a life full of hope & possibilities, a life I couldn’t wait to live. I was finally living the life I’d always dreamed of.

So what do you say, wanna set your own glitter bomb of happiness off whilst you unleash your inner superwoman?

Its time to be the kick ass woman you were born to be.

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