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Do you ever find yourself scrolling through social media and feeling a pang of envy, anger or self-hate when you see yet another white sandy beach or bikini-clad body?


Perhaps it’s the healthy food and well-behaved children that really stick in your throat?


Within a matter of minutes, our lives suddenly don’t feel good enough, our bodies ugly, parenting skills appalling and our attempts to eat healthily are downright lame.


It’s little wonder we are constantly seeking ways to change.


We find ourselves searching for ways to feel happy, so our lives can become social media worthy. Seeking out the newest exercise programme, diet, relationship or hobby that social media tells us we should be doing.


Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter who you are, there’s always something popping up on social media that triggers your inner mean girl to start screaming ‘you aren’t good enough’.


I want to reassure you that you’re not alone


The number of women who find themselves comparing their lives to what we see others post on social media is on the rise. The problem with this constant cycle of comparison and not feeling good enough is that it’s leading to increasing numbers of women suffering from chronic stress, anxiety and depression.


That’s why I wanted to share with you my simple foolproof way to be your best self, the secret to becoming you 2.0 so that you can break free from the dreaded comparison trap once and for all!



The secret… simply be the real you!


We get so bombarded with all the social media posts and magazine articles promoting the latest diet, exercise or lifestyle change that we apparently MUST make to be happy, that we forget how amazing we actually already are!


We become so caught up in that comparison and self-hate cycle, that we forget about all the amazing things we already have in our lives, all the awesome things we have to be grateful for.


The quickest way to start being wonderful you


The quickest way to reconnect with the beautiful, wonderful and most importantly, real you, is to take some time to be your own personal cheerleader.


Grab a notebook and pen and start to list out all the great things about you, your life, your friends and family and the world we live in. I guarantee the list will be bigger than you think.


In fact, to help you out, I created a free worksheet especially for you, designed to help remind you just how wonderful you really are. You can download it here, fill in the spaces, then place it somewhere you’ll see each day to remind you of just how wonderful you already are!


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This mini celebration of what’s great about you and your life will not only help boost your self-worth by releasing those feel-good endorphins, it will also reduce any chronic stress you may be carrying! #winning!


Because I’m here to let you in on another secret, one that I want you to shout from the rooftops, it’s the secret that you are good enough. That you’re wonderful, beautiful and inspirational just the way you are.


Never stop being you, after all there only ever will be one of you!



Naomi xx


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